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Major Pieces, by lindentreeisle (PG-13)

Title: Major Pieces
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: gen
Categories: Casefile, Drama
Length: Long (~32,000 words)
Warnings: violence, gore, sexual violence against women (off-camera), PTSD flashbacks, flashbacks to wartime rape of women, misogyny (if the previous warnings haven't clued you in already), and Sherlock, as always, is a bit not good.

Author on LJ: lindentreeisle
Website: [archiveofourown.org profile]Captainblue

Summary: Sherlock knew that he could thoroughly rely upon John Watson's moral sense. And that's why he knew that Lestrade was wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is a fantastic, dramatic casefile, and a really great story of John and Sherlock's friendship. Sherlock's stubborn refusal to believe the evidence against John is sweet and intense, and he goes to the ends of the earth to prove that his friend is an innocent man. John and Sherlock's epic friendship is why I love this series so well, and lindentreeisle's portrayal truly does it justice.
This is an exciting adventure story, full of intrigue and suspense, and I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. All the characters in this story are nuanced and compelling, and in particular, Sally Donovan and Lestrade are wonderful. Sally Donovan has gotten a bit of a bad rap in the TV series (for which I blame Moffat, who does not have the best track record with female characters), and because of that, it's kind of hard to write her truthfully in fanfic. She ends up either unusually nice or, well... the nice way to put it would be "unsympathetic". While she doesn't play a particularly huge role in this fic, I really liked how she was written. She doesn't like Sherlock, and she's not very nice, but she is so much more human here, and I loved it :)

Major Pieces


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