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Title: The Doctor, The Nurse and The Queen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Gen; Amy/Rory
Categories: Drama, Friendship, Action/Adventure, Case File (kind of), Hurt/Comfort
Length: Epic (93,176)
Warnings: non-explicit torture, kidnapping, POV switches

Author on LJ: mmgage
Website: faviconmmgage

Summary: A visit to an Earth-like planet turns complicated when the Doctor is injured, and Rory & Amy are pulled in to court intrigue. 11/Amy/Rory/OC friendship and some DoctorWhump! too.

This story has a great episodic feel to it, similar to that of the Classic Who serials. The Doctor gets injured fairly early in the story and he and Rory are separated from Amy for awhile. Rory finds Amy but the two of them are then separated from the Doctor for the majority of the story. Each chapter switches POV between the four main characters of the story, The Doctor, Amy, Rory and an OC (Anne, the Queen). Because the POV switches are done as chapters, you get to see the whole story as it unfolds without the jarring of sudden/random POV switches.

What I like most about this story is that Rory gets a chance to shine, his skills as a nurse are one of the focal points of the story. Also, the location and OC's are fleshed out and don't feel flat.

The Doctor, The Nurse and The Queen: on Teaspoon & on AO3


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