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Title: The Material Life of the Californian Suburb by eleveninches
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Categories: Domestic, Humor, Pre-Canon, Post-Canon, Romance (and a bit of Action/Adventure)
Length: Long (35,756 words)
Warnings: Mild violence, includes canon character death & secondary character death

Author on LJ: eleveninches / [personal profile] eleveninches
Author Website: faviconeleveninches

Arthur seduces Eames into good.

Arthur was a normal slightly-hipster architect living in a co-op; when Cobb goes on the run after Mal's death, Arthur joins his boss to keep him out of trouble (and avoid any questions about the illegal PASIV device he'd been storing on his kitchen table). Eames has never been on the right side of the law and never had much stability in his life, until he and Arthur start connecting. When Cobb is able to return home, Arthur is relieved to finally be able to resume his normal life. But where does that leave Eames?...completely perplexed by a normal suburban life, and his own feelings about Arthur.

There follows a slightly off kilter romance with peculiar first names, personal anecdotes that are not lies, an arm cast decorated in bewitching art, adventures in condo decorating, epic arguments about recycling and the importance of sorting it, and secret educational forays.

eleveninches has a gift for snappy dialogue, exploring wacky concepts that verge on crack-y while still feeling somehow realistic, and giving the characters really interesting non-fanon backgrounds and characteristics while still feeling in-character. I love the quirky humor combined with the genuine emotion between two very different people, despite their differences and communication problems.

Also, I really enjoyed all the little details of the story, such as the books Cobb writes about architecture with delightfully snobbish and awful titles. A particular part involving a Power Point presentation had me giggling out loud. It's just lots of fun all around.

Arthur made a non-committal sound, and Eames asked, aiming for nonchalant, "Do you have a job coming up? I could meet you."

"A job?" Arthur repeated, and Eames remembered, belatedly, that Arthur wasn't in dreamsharing anymore. "Cobb's already gotten us a new account. I guess people forget you were under investigation for killing your wife as long as you keep writing books with titles like Never Mind the Bollards: Pedestrianisation and Public Disorder in Central London."

"Cobb is an appalling human being," Eames said.

Inside him, a disappointed feeling at not knowing when he'd see Arthur again was warring with an ugly, complete incomprehension over Arthur willingly staying in the same place. Arthur's home was lovely, of course, but it was difficult for Eames to even imagine wanting to live like that; he hadn't stayed in the same place for more than a couple of months since he was a teen and, at the urging of his parents, hadn't dared set foot back in Britain since ID Cards Act of 2006.

The Material Life of the Californian Suburb (AO3) (DW)


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