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Forever, Not Long At All by Mede (PG-13)

Title: Forever, Not Long At All
Fandom: Labyrinth
Pairing: Jareth/Sarah
Categories: Drama, Romance, Kids, Post-Canon
Length: Medium (7,475 words)
Warnings: non-sexual romantic relationship with age differential (teenager/adult)

Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: [fanfiction.net profile]Mede

Because she didn't wake up new the next morning and stop resenting her family and the world's unfairness, and she didn't just let it end after thirteen hours with the Labyrinth or its King―and they found that worked for them.

I love that this story deals with the aftermath of the movie in a unique way, with little snapshots of Sarah turning more and more to the Goblin King for assistance with her responsibilities. Sarah's frustration with having to deal with being a teenager and take care of her baby half-brother and dealing with absentee parents are still there, though she's matured through her experience in the Labyrinth, and continues to do so during the story. Jareth and Sarah's relationship develops into one of equals, with Sarah exploring the magic of the Underground, and they actually talk out some of their differences.

She glanced back to him, dryly, and Jareth realized she wasn't playing by hero and villain anymore―the baby, of all things, had changed her perception of him, even if the new role she was attempting to cast him in was Goblin King the babysitter.

Forever, Not Long At All


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