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Change of atmosphere by D Squirrel (R)

Im' sorry I'm late but I had to change my rec midway because of the AO3 slow-down. I hope you will enjoy this one instead...

Title: Change of atmosphere
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick/Juliette
Categories: AU, Case file, Friendship
Length: Long (~17742 words)
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: D Squirrel

Marie Kessler never made it to Portland. Nick and Monroe end up meeting in a slightly less dramatic fashion.

Here is an interesting AU. The "What if" is well-chosen and the author doesn't shy away from the consequences of what the changes implied. The case is interesting and the plot rings true.
The characters are also well-written there interactions are spot on. I liked the relationships between Monroe and Nick of course. But the author doesn't forget Hank or Juliette and that make it all the more interesting. Some of their smallest interactions are quite charming especially in the last chapter.

Change of atmosphere


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