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Title: It Might be the Instamatic Flue
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Fluff, Friends, Kids
Length: Medium (16,500)

Author on LJ: mahon & turps33
Website: Turp's Ao3Mahoni's Ao3

Summary: On Tuesday, Bob woke up four years old.

Review: Bob wakes up as a four year old, and the band is left to deal with his cute antics, while dealing with the fact that they are now drummer-less.

There is just enough angst, and youthful hijinks to keep this story from falling into the territory of tooth-rottingly sweet and completely unrealistic. The band and all the supporting characters are as in character as they can be while dealing with a completely imporbable situation, and you've just got to love kiddie!bob.

It Might be the Instamatic Flu


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Jun. 29th, 2012 03:17 pm (UTC)
I LOVE that story - Wee!Bob is the most ridiculous!adorable thing :D
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