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With Laurel They Go by Sevenses (G)

Title: With Laurel They Go
Fandom: Sherlock BBC/Téméraire Fusion
Pairing: None
Categories: AU, Crossover, Drama, Crime, Adventure
Length: Medium (7,798 words)
Warnings: Dragons!

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: AO3 Account

Summary: In which Watson is a fire-breathing dragon of Her Majesty's Aerial Forces. Crossover with Temeraire - knowledge of the series will help to understand the fic, but is not necessary.
Spoilers for A Study in Pink and general series spoilers for Temeraire.

Once more a great Téméraire crossover, but this time with the Sherlock BBC universe. John Watson is a retired Aerial Forces Dragon who wants nothing but to be left in peace after his former Captain (whose name he took) died in battle. Well, what's a wounded and griefing military dragon to do but look for cheap accommodations, possibly a room mate?

Sevenses manages to effortlessly weave those two worlds together and tell a charming tale about a reptile John Watson who meets a human Sherlock Holmes. Just as with the TV series and the movies and the books, and everything else Sherlock Holmes, they become friends almost instantly. Well, almost.

With Laurel They Go


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