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Title: Hapless Queer Avengers
Fandom: Marvel (Avengers)
Pairing: Hulk/Thor/Bruce Banner, Tony/Steve, Loki/Victor Von Doom, Natasha Romanov/Janet van Dyne 
Categories: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, 
Length: Super!Epic (261,000)
Warnings: Past Rape; Mental Illness; Trans-phobia; Homo-phobia; Child abuse

Author on LJ:  bluestalking soda_and_capes
Website:  Bluestalkings Ao3 | Feverbeat's Ao3

Summary: "Bruce Banner?" Tony checks. "Sullen scientist by day, mean green smashing machine by--day? That Bruce?"

Thor nods carefully. "Yes. And it was very pleasant."

(in which bruce and thor have an unlikely relationship, steve is from the past, tony takes hormones, natasha is long-suffering, and loki just wants people to hurt.)

Review: This is a really long series, I've been wanting to rec for a while, but I've been waiting until the series reached a stopping point. Which it finally has. Obviously this series isn't for everybody since it deals with pretty heavy issues. That being said, the first story in the series can be read as a more of less stand alone piece and avoids almost all of the darker portions of the series. So if the story sounds interesting, but you don't want to deal with the darker portions of the series, you can just read A Tidy History of Hapless Queer Avengers.

This whole series started out from the very unusual idea of Hulk and Thor having an affair and the question of what would happen when Bruce Banner figured out what his body had been up to while under the Hulk's control. Unsurprisingly Thor is a little thrown by the fact that despite sharing a body Hulk and Bruce don't share the same feelings towards their tryst. 

He makes up for this by insisting the help of the other Avengers to figure out how to court Bruce Banner. The Avengers are understandably both amused and mortified. This in turn affects the team dynamic since it forces their various Queer issues out into the light of day. Also Natasha is a BAMF.

The second story in the series picks up soon after the first one leaves off. Loki has found out that Thor has taken Hulk/Bruce Banner as a lover and is really, really angry about it. So he decides to test the Avengers and Bruce to prove that they don't deserve Thor. This obviously doesn't end well, though everybody manages to survive.

The third and forth stories are the ones where things get much, much darker. Thor is forced to confront the truth about Asgard and all the Asgardian's (Particularly the royal family's) treatment of Loki. Which in turns forces Tony, Steve, and Bucky to face their own boyhood problems. I don't reccomend reading these two unless you are hard to squick.

Happless Queer Avengers Series


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