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Growth Industry by Frostfire (PG)

Title: Growth Industry
Fandom: Grosse Point Blank
Pairing: Gen with some background Martin/Debi
Categories: Pre-canon, Gen, Backstory, Yuletide 2011
Length: Medium (3327 words)
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: frostfire_17
Author Website: fanfiction by frostfire

So do you have to do post-graduate work for that?

This lovely piece tells the story of Martin leaving government work behind, going freelance, and meeting Marcella. I loved the Martin voice; it rang so true with the character from the movie. He is still disenfranchised and still obsessed with Debi and yet we get these glimpses into his thought processes that are somewhat disturbing but also believable precursors to his reappearance in Grosse Point for the reunion in a few years.

Marcella is a gem, unflappable, strong and practical just like in canon. Her initial meeting with Martin is wonderfully believable as the start to their partnership.

Growth Industry


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