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La Bestia by Imperial Mint (PG)

Title: La Bestia
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: La Bestia/Naruto, Uchicha Itachi/Uzumaki Naruto
Categories: AU, creature/wing, mystery, dark-ish but not really :)
Length: Medium (9,071)
Warnings: This is not bestiality. I repeat, there is no bestiality. :) But there are guns, cards, blood and tigers.

Author on LJ: flypaw
Author's Website: AO3/Y! Gallery/Tumblr

Author's Summary: Lost to a wager, Naruto is sentenced to life (or death) under La Bestia, a man who is more animal than human. Abandoned by his father, with a murdered mother, Naruto cannot go back, but what sort of life is waiting for him under the paw of The Beast?

Review: This fic is Beauty and the Beast redefined. It's starts with a sense of mystery and it keeps that mysterious sense with it all throughout the fic. I love how Imperial Mint manages to make the setting believable, how she manages to make it seem all real. I love how the romance between La Bestia and Naruto happened, slow and steady with each passing night.I love how she portrayed La Bestia's vulnerabilty, it made the ending that much more believable.

What I don't like is how Naruto seems like a typical damsel-in-distress. There's none of that fiery personality that makes up the Naruto that we know. But then, this fic is an AU.

Note: The author herself says that the core of this fic is Beauty and the Beast but she leaned heavily on 'The Tiger's Bride' by Angela Carter.

La Bestia


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