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Running from Destiny by Taibhrigh (Nc17)

Title: Running from Destiny
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/The Sentinel
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako
Categories: AU, Case File, Crossover, 
Length: Long (36,000)
Warnings: Canon based character death of minor characters

Author on LJtaibhrigh
Website: Taibhrigh's A03

Summary: Riddick had been on the run since he was sixteen. Running from the ghosts of his parents whose deaths he couldn't handle, from his planet, from his future as an Alpha Guardian, and more importantly, running from himself. He had thought he was doing good, keeping ahead of the mercs after him for a crime he had not actually committed. Then he received news that Furya had been attacked and his life is changed forever. While hunting for the stolen Furyan children he runs into both his future and Vaako, a man who is also running from himself and destined to be Riddick's Guide.

Review: The story's plot revolves around the search for the missing children, but a large part of the story also revolves around the pairings between Sentinel's and Guides, Vaako and Riddick's bonding in particular.

This is a nice straight forward, and fast read. With lots of action and very believable characters, both the Original Characters and the movie characters. Part of what makes it so interesting is Taibhrigh's rewrite of the movies and how they are affected by the fact that this Riddick is a Sentinel.

Running from Destiny


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