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The Consanguine Mind by Pipsy (R)

Title: The Consanguine Mind
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: N/A
Categories: action/adventure, angst, case file, dark, drama, family, friendship, hurt/comfort, mystery
Length: Epic (66, 281)
Warnings: At times, it feels so real like it's really happening, so better prepare a tissue or two. :)

Author on LJ: N/A
Author's Website: Pipsy at FF.net

Author's Summary: Repost. In an AU where Reid never joined the team, a case sends them to Nevada where his mother is a victim. As the team befriends him and the profile comes together, the UnSub and a dark secret is closer than they think. FINISHED! Previously 230 reviews.

Review: While I'd usually take much longer to review, I need to study for my exams. :) This fic is fantabulous. The Reid in this fic is not in the BAU instead, he lives in a small town where he runs a support group for people with missing loved ones in the hospital where his mother used to stay at.

I loved this fic because it took me on a thrill ride, I made the same mistakes and had the same assumptions as the BAU team. Pipsy wrote it so wonderfully, no plot holes to be found, as if it were a real episode of Criminal Minds. Her UnSub, his/her motive and his/her history was wonderfully thought out. If you love Criminal Minds, murder, mystery and mind-boggling motive, this fic is for you. :)

The Consanguine Mind


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