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Personified Gotham Series by Runespoor (Pg-13)

Title: Personified Gotham Series
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Gen; Implied Slash
Categories: Dark, Supernatual
Length: Medium (5,000)
Warnings: Sociopathic Living City, Mental instability

Author on LJ: unknown
WebsiteRunespoor's Ao3

Summary: How Alfred compromised with the thing inside Bruce’s soul, from Gotham’s point of view. Alternatively: This is how to co-opt a soul.

Review: This is a series of time stamps from Bruce's life.  Each one is  a scene of Gotham being at her very creepiest. From discussions of devouring her residents, to being the peaces of million minds, Runespore has got the hang of writing a character that goes beyond humanity and into the lizard brain of the million terrified and murderous souls that inhabit Gotham.

You'll definitively look at the whole Batman mythos differently for a while after reading these stories.

Nothing is going to Harm You
Shared Ownership
Count Your Losses
Tags: fandom: dc comics, genre: dark, genre: supernatural, length: medium, pairing: gen, pairing: slash, recs by chibifukurou
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