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Title: A Lost Child in a Forgotten Tale
Fandom: Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno), Labyrinth
Pairing: gen
Categories: Crossover, Drama, Angst
Length: Medium (7,479 words)
Warnings: Canon Character Death

Author on LJ: amelia_petkova
Author Website: faviconamelia_petkova

Ofelia wishes her brother away but not for the reasons you might think.

This is a bittersweet story that meshes the two movies perfectly, and gives Ofelia a chance to save her baby brother. She has read about the Goblin King taking children wished away by relatives, and when she and the baby are left motherless with her sadistic step-father she turns to the only resource she has: a wish. Jareth still makes her traverse his labyrinth, but, in a twist from usual, her prize is for the baby to stay in the safety of the goblin realm.

Portions of this story made me tear up, such as Ofelia saying "I wished for you because I love him" or the parts that focus on her grief for her mother. *sobs in corner* It's not all sad, and it was fun to see Jareth from Ofelia's eyes. Also, I love the hints at Jareth's reaction to Ofelia--the only person to ever have love as the motivation to call on him--and the indication to the reader that he's cut Ofelia a break (one that she's oblivious to).

I love how perfectly the author dovetails the two verses together, with the fic taking place during mid-Pan's Labyrinth. That said, while she's put the baby in good(ish?) hands, and Ofelia must return to her own labyrinth after leaving the Goblin King's. In tone, the story is much closer to Pan's Labyrinth than Labyrinth, though lacking the overt violence, so it's a bit grim and sad with a little hope sprinkled in.

Ofelia slipped down the hall, meeting nobody's gaze. Hearing silence in the Captain's office, she crept in. The room stank of his tobacco and liquor. Her brother's cradle stood near the window. The baby slept, not yet understanding what it would be like to grow up without a mother.

She stood by her brother's cradle, listening for the sounds of the Captain in the hallway. She bent close and whispered lovingly into her brother's ear, "I wish the goblins would come and take you away right now."

The staccato noise of boots sounded in the hallway. Ofelia's head snapped toward the door. The footsteps passed and she turned back. A man stood by the cradle, holding her baby brother in his arms.

She breathed easy for the first time that day. "Are you the Goblin King?"

A Lost Child in a Forgotten Tale (AO3) (LJ)
or with bonus author commentary here


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