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Of Old Mystics by Wolfling and Magpie (NC-17)

Hi, everyone. I'm fredericks, and I'm honored to be one of the guest reccers. I'll be handling Buffy and Angel 'verse fic, Marvel comic fic (particularly X-Men), Stargate SG-1 (ah, the smell of Original Recipe), and a few odds and ends yet to be determined. Thanks in advance to all involved, and thanks for reading (and giving feedback to the writers, of course).

Title: Of Old Mystics
Authors: Wolfling and Magpie
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne
Categories: Romance, H/C, Angst, Post-series
Length: Epic (very, oh so very)
Warnings: Mild references to torture and past drug use

Author on LJ: wolfling
Author Website: Wolfling's Den

When I'm looking for a good comfort fic, I need a story that takes me more than a day and night to get through, and I need to be able to sense the swell of romance, and the Of Old Mystics series (made of up of five stories, each on their own epic in length) fits the bill. Picking up after the events of the last episode of Buffy, it begins with Giles breaking former foe-slash-former friend-slash-former lover Ethan Rayne out of a facility of the Initiative (the Initiative being a covert government funded supernatural investigate/testing operation) where he's been held captive for the last couple of years. They return to England and begin to heal, physically and mentally, while building a life together. What I particularly enjoyed were the sections devoted to fleshing out the backstory between Giles and Rayne, as in how the two came to meet and what kept them together. The authors don't resort to heavy-handed flashbacks, but do move back and forth between the past and the present in a way that keeps the story moving quite nicely. Those past couple of sentences in no way touches on everything contained within. It's a bonding fic! It's a first-time fic! It's an established relationship fic! It's hot! There's magic! Mystery! And, yes, have I mentioned it's long? The perfect fic for a rainy couple of days in.

For those minimally familiar with the Buffy 'verse, I add: I barely knew who Ethan was before coming across this fic (I only really started watching the show after Season 4 myself, and never caught up with the episodes that I'd missed) and had no problem figuring out what was going on. For those who know nothing about the Buffy 'verse (all three of you over there in the corner), the world built here is so lush that everything you need to know is found within the pages of the fic by means of context. The authors do such an excellent job with building the history between the two main characters that you won't be lost at all.

Of Old Mystics (link leads to index page)
Tags: fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, genre: angst, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: romance, length: epic, recs by fredericks

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