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Title: The Bar at the End of the Fandom
Fandom: Fandom itself (AO3 tags)
Pairing: Other/Multi
Categories: Meta, anthropomorphism, humor, crack
Length: Medium (3,911 words)
Warnings: None... although "Warnings" is the bouncer

Author on LJ: firstlightofeos (no updates in last year)
Author Website: favicon firstlightofeos, favicon firstlightofeos

Author's Summary: PWP walks into a bar...

After a brief second person opener in which you post the first fic in a new fandom, PWP is our fun and irreverent guide to a bar full of tags, and everything is spot on, from the "drinks" served (one-shots are especially popular), to the ever increasing number of bunnies who serve them. The real highlight is PWP's take on the wickedly funny interaction between all the tags you know and love (and maybe some you avoid like the plague).

From the Hurt/Comfort twins to Coffee Shop AU to Bechdel Test Pass (which I had to stop and look up, and I'm glad I did!), everyone's here, or soon will be. It's a who's who of AO3 tags (and the genre tags here at Epic Recs). The author not only knows who'll crash the new fandom party when; ze also gets the way they'll behave once they step up to the bar, from the philosophical to the horny, and from the tags who take their roles über seriously, to those who'll do anything for a laugh.

If you like your meta light, snappy and right on the money, this one-shot's the drink for you.

The Bar at the End of the Fandom


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Medium: 2,000-15,000 words
Long: 15,000-40,000 words
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