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Drake by Esse (R)

Title: Drake.
Fandom: DC Comics (crossover with X-Men).
Pairing: Kon-El (Superboy)/Tim Drake (Robin III); Bobby Drake (Iceman)/Remy LeBeau (Gambit).
Categories: Adventure, AU, Bonding, Crossover, Romance.
Length: Epic.
Warnings: Rated R for language and sexual situations between two teenage boys.

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: n/a

"Drake" starts with an interesting premise: what if being Robin wasn't the only secret Tim Drake had? When the Earth is threatened with annihilation, it is that secret that will enable Tim to save the world (and three other dimensions, including one inhabited by the X-Men). However, he cannot do this alone. To help him, Tim chooses none other than Superboy.

This story is set very early in Kon and Tim's friendship (Kon is still living in Hawaii and involved with Tana) and it is wonderful to see how their feelings develop into romantic ones. But it's the way they work perfectly together – balancing and supporting each other – that is a true delight. Add to that an original and intriguing plot and this story becomes a must read.

Tags: fandom: dc comics, fandom: x-men, genre: action/adventure, genre: au, genre: bonding, genre: crossover, genre: romance, length: epic, pairing: kon-el/tim drake, recs by slytherin_gypsy

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