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Beta by Morgane"Smilla840" (Nc-17)

Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Categories: Action/Adventure, AU, First Time, Friendship,
Length: Long (22,000)
Warnings:Alpha/Beta/Omega verse, Knotting, Spoilers for the Avengers movie, Consent Issues, Child Abuse

Author on LJ:smilla840
Website: Morgane's Ao3

Summary: Clint’s spent years training himself out of the century-old instinct all betas have to obey alphas, and hiding how good a shot he is – after all, no one expects a beta to excel at anything. All that changes when he attracts the attention of Nick Fury, who recruits him into SHIELD. Then he meets Phil Coulson, and everything gets even more out of control.

(or: the omega fic where no one is an omega)

Review: Please be aware of the warnings. This isn't a dark fic, but it might be triggery since Clint has some fear-based sexual issues.

What I like about Alpha/Beta/Omega fics is how they can handle social commentary in a way that makes you think about how things are in our world. Beta does a particularly good job of this, because it addresses the issue of characters that are inherently talented, but are taught to hide it from those around it.

Nick Fury is awesome in this. Probably the most believable, yet sympathetic, version of him I've seen. All of the Alpha/Beta/Omega designations make since and fit well with the different character's personality types, and Clint's strong voice holds the whole fic together.

If you've got a soft spot for Omega-verse like I do, this is definitely a great read.



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