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Sorry I've been MIA for two weeks!

Title: My Adventure, by Belladonna Baggins nee Took
Fandom: Tolkien: Hobbit & Lord of the Rings
Pairing: gen (with background Belladonna Took/Bungo Baggins, and OFC/OMC elves)
Categories: Action/Adventure, Humor, Pre-Canon
Length: Medium (11,443 words)
Warnings: implied secondary character deaths

Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: Thimblerig (on AO3), Thimble (on fanfiction.net)

Gandalf exclaimed once: 'That I should live to be 'Good morninged' by a son of Belladonna Took!'

Bilbo's mum has a story to tell and this is it. Holidays by the Sea, Elves, and much Falling in the Water.

I was utterly charmed by this story. Belladonna (Bilbo's mother) wants an adventure before her coming-of-age birthday, and does just that. Her narration is lots of fun, with her slightly unreliable perspective on things and her gung ho, exuberant attitude. The best parts, for me, were when she interacts with characters the reader would be familiar with from Tolkien's other works and how she sees them, such as some of the dwarves from The Hobbit or the nice "bandits" she runs into (Aragorn's great-grandfather). Though it's a small part of the story, I also really liked the relationship between Belladonna and Bungo.

Make sure to read the notes at the end of each chapter, which read like a historian's notations on Belladonna's diary with extra information and commentary.

'Belladonna Took,' Gandalf said, 'I do not keep Adventures in my back pocket to entertain young Hobbits. You must seek elsewhere.' It was at about this point that a little bird, black-and-white with a bright red head and green on its wings fluttered out of the trees and perched on the wizard's shoulder. It chirped into his right ear and his eyes went wide and round. 'In any case,' he said, hauling on his socks and boots, 'I must be off. A matter of some urgency has come to my attention. Perhaps we can continue this discussion another time.' And he left, just like that.

There I was, with the butterfly, left to our own devices.

'Butterfly,' says I, 'just what is an Adventure, anyway? Exploring the burrows of my ancestors on the banks of Great River – that's an Adventure.'

The butterfly bobbed up and down, as if to say 'Yes.'

'Going camping, by comparison, is just a minor amusement and no harm could come of it.' The bug bobbed sideways, agreeing with my negative (the no harm part). 'Excellent!' I said, clapping my hands.

I needed some camping gear.

This was actually very tricky. I needed to plan and execute raids on several sites of strategic importance that would all be guarded at this time of day. I called to mind the words of my Great-Great-Uncle Bandobras: Audacity, Tenacity, Plasticity.

My Adventure (AO3), (ff.net)


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