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Paper Bag Diplomacy by galaxysoup (G)

Title: Paper Bag Diplomacy
Fandom: The Paper Bag Princess
Pairing: gen
Categories: Humor, Post-Canon, Yuletide, Fanart
Length: Medium (~3,000 words)
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: galaxysoup
Author Website: galaxysoup (on AO3)

Princess Elizabeth has vanquished the Dragon and danced off into the sunset. Too bad the story doesn't end there! Now she has a kingdom to run and some very uppity neighbors to manage. Her only weapons: a half-burnt country, a certain way with words, and the kind of moxie that lets her bluff a dragon while armed only with a paper bag...

This story is a delight! Ever wonder what happened to the princess after the picture book ended? Fear not, for galaxysoup has provided an illustrated account of how Princess Elizabeth gets her kingdom in order after the dragon business...with a little help from the dragon himself, but mostly with her own clever moxie. The drawings are adorable, especially the last one, and the whole thing put a huge smile on my face.

Paper Bag Diplomacy


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