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Title: Podfic: Twisted Gifted
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Categories: romance, pining, humor
Length: Medium - 22 min. (2,953 words)
Warnings: None

Reader on LJ: anatsuno
Reader website: favicon anatsuno, favicon anatsuno

Author on LJ: idyll
Author Website: favicon idyll, favicon idyll

Author's Summary:
Some gifts really need to be returned.
Written for a prompt by itwassoup: Stiles gets “blessed/gifted” by a witch to be like super attractive to everyone.

idyll's story is sweet, funny and smart, and clearly anatsuno gets it, because she brings it all across in the podfic. Stiles is suddenly irresistable to everyone he comes in contact with except, seemingly, Derek, and he has to find the fae who gave him this "gift" before it gets out of hand.

I should admit that in addition to lovely fic, I'd probably listen to anatsuno read assembly instructions, because she has a gorgeous, sensual voice that never ceases to amaze me. (If you want to hear how sensual it can get, there's her scorching hot reading of Teen Wolf's NC-17 Sit, Stay by LolaFeist). But what I love about this particular podfic is the way she makes me smile here at Lydia's terse advice, Derek's frustration and Stiles' obliviousness. It's just 22 minutes long, but you get Stiles' spot on point of view and Derek's pining, and it only gets better, because I especially love her voicing of the end and Derek's "Now you're getting it." It's a joy to have as a permanent resident on my ipod.

Podfic: Twisted Gifted (with streaming)
Text version


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Jul. 18th, 2013 04:36 pm (UTC)
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