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Fanvid: They Want More by bironic (R)

Title: They Want More
Fandom: Jurassic Park trilogy
Music Used: "I Want More" by Elton John (edited demo from Lestat the musical)
Pairing: gen
Categories: crack, dark humor
Length: 3:31 minutes
Warnings: per creator: "Dinosaur-related violence, gore, cruelty to animals, morbid humor. One clip has possible overtones of sexual threat. There is lightning at :23-:24 and 1:18-1:19."

Author on LJ: bironic
Author Website: unknown

Author's Summary:
The inevitable outcome of cloning giant carnivores.

Okay guys, are you fans of dinosaurs? How about dinosaurs serenading you about how bloodthirsty they are and how much they like eating people, complete with full visuals? If this sounds like your type of humor/fun, then this is the vid for you. Bironic must have found every moment of dinos stalking and chomping down on people (and animals) in the Jurassic Park trilogy and set it to Elton John's vampires-bloodlust-for-eating-people song from the defunct Lestat musical. Morbid, yes, but also darkly humorous.

They Want More (vidder's LJ)
They Want More (festivids)


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