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The World of the Living by fourth_rose (R)

Title: The World of the Living
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry (friendship with Luna)
Categories: Post-canon, EWE, friendship, romance, accidental voyeurism, angst, some humor, recovering from the war
Length: Long (17,300 words)
Warnings: Minor character death. [Details...]Lucius Malfoy, mention of the past death of Narcissa

Author on LJ: fourth_rose
Author Website: favicon fourth_rose

Author's Summary:
A traumatised war hero and a convicted criminal under the roof of an eccentric journalist make for a rather odd ensemble, but Luna has never had a problem with oddities as long as they make sense.

I think I may have read this story a dozen times over the years. First Harry and then Draco, both at loose ends and somewhat desperate after the war, wind up taking refuge at Luna's house. She may as well have brought in tomcats for all the fighting they do at first, but she's terrific as the calm in the middle of their storm.

Harry's hiding out and having nightmares, Draco's defensive and had his wand snapped by the ministry, and neither have anywhere else to go, but "life is one long succession of surprises." Harry and Draco sorting out their differences might be one of them. Luna adds warmth and optimism to what would otherwise have ended in angst, and despite the outside point of view, you get all the tension and connection between Harry and Draco as their relationship changes. Luna's friendship is strictly platonic, but she does accidentally (and unbeknownst to the boys) witness a very intimate moment between them.

There's something beautiful here too, about Harry and Draco hitting rock bottom and finding new purpose, about Luna's generous and quirky calm, and about moving from anger to understanding.

The World of the Living (AO3)
original 2007 post on LJ | at Fictionalley

Tags: fandom: harry potter, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: first-time, genre: friendship, genre: post-canon, genre: romance, length: long, pairing: draco/harry, pairing: slash, recs by mothlights

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