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Outsider Perspective by Neery (NC-17)

Title: Outsider Perspective
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese
Categories: Amnesia, Action/Adventure, Romance, First Time, Mistaken Identities, Misunderstandings, Pining
Length: Medium (13095 words)
Warnings: Canon-typical violence

Author on LJ: neery
Author Website: Neery

Author's Summary:

John and Harold lose their memories


There's a very special place in my heart for fics where a character suffers amnesia, and Outsider Perspective inflicts amnesia on both lead characters, so I was pretty much a lost cause from the start. But what hits me even harder in my fannish heart than my love of amnesia is how Neery explores what I love so much about the trope in the first place: the issue of 'who are you when you're not anyone?' In my mind, the answer to that question has always revolved around the balance and conflict of nature versus nurture.

Lacking 'nurture', Finch and Reese immediately fall back on nature, depending upon what their lives have ingrained into their bodies to guide them in their search for identity. Reese turns predictably to the gut feelings and instincts his past has trained him to listen to. Finch falls immediately into the familiar patterns of code and data and analysis. Yet in spite of everything, they still gravitate toward each other, like the trust and affection they've come to share has been carved into their very bodies just as surely as their respective careers.

But my favorite part of all is when the amnesia fades and the two men come to realize that what is natural and what is nurtured are two deeply interconnected parts of the whole of who they are.

Outsider Perspective
Tags: fandom: person of interest, genre: action/adventure, genre: amnesia, genre: case file, genre: first-time, genre: romance, length: medium, pairing: harold finch/john reese, pairing: slash, recs by sheepnamedpig

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