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Eeee! ER is now on del.icio.us!

Thanks to the amazingly awesome Meishali (the best co-mod ever!) Epic Recs is on del.icio.us! We're still working on putting up summaries for each entry, but all 200+ recs from ER are now tagged!   (ETA: you know what would help?  And actual link.  *sigh*  http://del.icio.us/epic_recs)

Some stats for you to ooo and ahh over:

Top Fandoms
38 fandom:the_sentinel
37 fandom:stargate_atlantis
27 fandom:due_south
20 fandom:harry_potter
18 fandom:highlander
18 fandom:smallville
11 fandom:jeeves_and_wooster
10 fandom:samurai_champloo

Number of Recs by Length (I'm really pleased with these)
92 length:epic
72 length:long
44 length:medium
10 length:short

Top Genres
120 genre:angst
60 genre:au
48 genre:humor
34 genre:hurt/comfort
32 genre:romance
27 genre:fluff
26 genre:drama

Number of Recs by Reccer
176 recs_by_jane (gad, has it really been that many?)
30 recs_by_meishali
10 recs_by_slytherin_gypsy
8 recs_by_fredericks
2 recs_by_caduceus03 
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  • Buy The Stars by conceptofzero (Teen)

    Title: Buy The Stars Fandom: Fallen London (Echo Bazaar) Pairing: Player/Rubbery Man (Main), Player/Quiet Deviless Categories: Romance, Horror,…

  • Common Ground by celynBrum (NC-17)

    Title: Common Ground Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: Karkat Vantas/Terezi Pyrope, Karkat Vantas & Kankri Vantas, Terezi Pyrope/Dave Strider, Karkat…

  • Blue Bayou by The_Lionheart (M)

    Title: Blue Bayou Fandom: Gravity Falls (Many minor crosses, notably "Rick and Morty") Pairing: OFC & Stanford Pines Categories:…

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