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May You Rescue Wretched Beings by Tripetta (PG-13)

This may very well be the smallest fandom I'll ever rec.  So far I've only found two stories (and if you want to know why I'm not reccing the other one, go here) and as it's been a while since the movie came out, I'm not anticipating any others.  Still, I live in hope (and if you know of a fic I've missed, please point me in the right direction:)

Title: May You Rescue Wretched Beings
Fandom: The Replacement Killers
Pairing: John/Meg
Categories: action, drama
Length: long
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: n/a
Website: n/a

Replacement Killers fic! My life is complete!

Ahem. A year after the end of the movie, Meg suddenly shows up in China with the news that another contract has been put out on John. Together with John's sister they flee through the city of Bejing, getting in numerous gunfights along the way. (And then they get the the US and things get *really* tough.)

I'll admit it up front, the writing in this story is not perfect, though it is perfectly competent. There are more descriptions than are strictly necessary and the first couple of chapters are a little choppy. The writing does improve as the fic goes on, however, and by the time the action starts, the writing and the story itself are flying.

What impresses me most about MYRWB was the way it reads just like a sequel to the movie, full of intense action, nifty disguises, quiet revelations in hotel rooms, and (of course) plenty of sexual tension between John and Meg. Speaking of Meg -- Tripetta simply *nailed* Meg's voice, from her street-smarts, to her confidence, to that hint of insecurity that lurks just beneath her tough-girl surface. It's rare for me to hear a character's voice in my head, but even though it's been years since I watched the movie, Tripetta's dialogue was good enough that it felt like Meg was speaking right in my ear.

Finally, the level of research that went into this fic is *amazing*, from the weapons everyone uses, to the details of Bejing itself, to the legalities of the tricks John uses to get everyone to the US. Couple that with the fantastic premise and the brilliant characterizations and you have a wonderful story worth reading again and again.

May You Rescue Wretched Beings (ff.net)
Tags: fandom: small fandom, genre: action/adventure, genre: drama, length: long, pairing: het, recs by jane

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