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Rec to become a Weekly Reccer

We're looking to fill a reccer slot. Our reccers rec once a week, stepping down only when they need/want to move on. Add a review of a favorite fanwork here if you're interested in reccing for the comm. Good luck, and thanks!

Things to keep in mind:
- For this post, recced fanworks can be any length, any fandom, and any pairing (or no pairing).
- You can rec fic, podfic, fanart, or a fanvid.
- Add all information that's included in a typical ER post. We've included our template below to make that easy.
- The review section should be 150 words or more and include specific reasons why you're reccing this particular work.


Mar. 3rd, 2015 08:36 pm (UTC)
A bit late, but maybe still on?

Title: Donut Verse
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Puck/Finn, Puck/Kurt, Finn/Kurt, Finn/Kurt/Puck, Puck/OMC/OFC, Finn/Carl Howell, Adam Lambert/Puck, Finn/Blaine, Blaine/Puck, Blaine\Kurt and a whole lot of other pairings.
Categories/Genres: BDSM, Drama, Romance,
Length: Epic (of epics, over 1,749,058 and still a wip )
Warnings: Heavy BDSM, mentions of abuse, derogatory language, minor character death, Polyamory negotiations, Multiple Partners/Poly Fidelity, Betrayal, Spanking, Blood (not bloodplay, but drawing blood from a spanking), Homophobia, Drug Use (off screen), HIV Discussion, Sexual Slavery, Crossdressing, Body Punishment in the context of a disciplining relationship, eating disorders, age difference.

Author/Artist on AO3: elexusniall, flinchflower, knittycat99, nubianamy
Author/Artist Website: AO3

Summary: Finn, Puck and Kurt navigate through a relationship based on love, discipline, honesty and open relationships. It’s a verse, that follows closely to season 1 and following, peeking into later seasons and the future. As of right now there are 41 works, plus a second series, Donut Verse 50 Kinky Ways, with more 17 kinky fills.


This verse is really huge, 1,8m, more or less, if you count both The Donut Verse and 50 Kinky Ways and it’s still not over. When starting to read this verse you have to be open to the idea of Polyamory and the fact all relationships in this verse are deliciously hard and complex, and that some of them may change with time. I got frustrated many times, and I stopped reading it many times, but I always came back, because each story, while amazingly cohesive, also brings many issues to the table.

When you like both plot and smut, it’s quite hard to find good fic, specially when you look for well thought and well written BDSM. This verse inspired me quite a lot and made me think hard about a lot of subjects, not only d/s relationships, but introducing experiences from transgendered characters, characters of color, jews, christians, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, gender-fluid people, people that link sex with discipline and the ones that don’t, heterosexuality in a non traditional way and lot’s of other experiences.

What surprised me the most about this verse is the maturity in which such dedicated matters are dealt and the fact that they all have lot’s of points of views to consider. I also loved that authors introduced many Original Characters, that only served to enrich the plot and that in more than one occasion made me strive for the fic, hooking me up and bringing me back to it, just to see how and what would happen to them. Another things I find it genius is the fact that they use original canonical dialogue from the show and subvert it, making their own (always very well identified) and bringing something new to it.

On the Original Characters, Toby and Timmy are my favorites, they are so unbelievably well written! And they are side characters. I really recommend not skiping and reading one of the side stories, Just that side of True: A Donut Verse Interlude, to see the goodness of Toby/Will, and a marvelous tale of discovery of one’s sexuality, even with internalized homophobia and prejudice. Timmy in this story is Puck’s brother and he is introduced to bdsm relationships having to deal with this own issues with abuse. In this league, don’t forget Sarah Puckerman, if you enjoy gen, and read </a>1,000 Sarahs.

Mar. 3rd, 2015 08:36 pm (UTC)
If you start reading, know that, besides the Orinal Characters, there is also RPF, where Adam Lambert, Pink and Lady Gaga make appearances, thought Adam becomes a huge part of the verse and one of the best, particularly I love the Love is Careless in Its Choosing, a fic set on season 5, when luckly Elliot Starchild is introduced to cannon and the authors bring him back to the verse and it’s really good.

The central relationship is Finn/Puck/Kurt, Povs change between the three of them, and on ocasional, Original Characters (side stories and interludes). Another triumph of the verse is to see some scenes from more than one pov, scattered in each story where we can learn a myriad of details from other characters. The only bad side to this is that you will have to be focused, because there is quite a lot to catch upon and if you do read some stories before others, you will get spoiled. So when reading, follow through the order published on AO3.

There a lot of works in this verse, and so many words, but if you stick to it, believe that you will find many beautiful relationships: slash, het and femmeslash. This verse also is full of multimedia, all stories have songs a plenty, playlists for you to accompany and one video.

Donut Verse

Donut Verse 50 Kinky Ways

*exceeded the character limit*


Epic Recs

Length Guidelines

Short: under 2,000 words
Medium: 2,000-15,000 words
Long: 15,000-40,000 words
Epic: 40,000-100,000 words
Super Epic: 100,000+ words


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