jane_elliot (jane_elliot) wrote in epic_recs,

exeunt by moseph (PG)

Title: exeunt
Fandom: Newsies
Pairing: Jack/David
Categories: drama, romance, AU
Length: medium
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: n/a
Website: n/a

A modern day Newsies AU, with David the perfect son living in the perfect house in the perfect suburb (and feeling stifled by it all) and Jack living on the other side of the tracks with his foster father. After a chance meeting on the first day of their last year of school, they becomes friends. Maybe more?

This was the first Newsies fic I'd ever read and it's still one of my favorites. The writing is precise and lyrical, the growing friendship between Jack and David believable and sweet, and the ending incredibly satisfying. The perfect story to springboard your way into a new fandom.

exeunt (ff.net)
Tags: fandom: small fandom, genre: au, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: medium, pairing: slash, recs by jane

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