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First Time's the Worst by Diana Williams (NC-17)

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Title: First Time's the Worst
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Categories: virgin!fic, Harlequin, humor
Length: medium
Warnings: chan (Harry's 17), dub-con (depending on how sensitive you are)

Author on LJ: dkwilliams
Author Website: http://diana.slashcity.com

Voldemort's newest plan: suck the magical energy out of a virgin by having sex with him. The result? Mass orgies in the wizarding world, leaving two virgins left. I think you can guess who those are. 

I wasn't totally thrilled with the premise behind this story (I'm really, really sensitive to dub-con), but the utter awesomness of the fic more than made up for my initial hesitation. This is not just bad sex, this is nearly every possible iteration of bad sex in one story! Couple that with a wonderfully acerbic Snape, a gung-ho Harry ('just lie back and think of quidditch', *snort*), and a surprisingly sweet ending and you have one of the most entertaining virgin!fics ever written.

First Time's the Worst
Tags: fandom: harry potter, genre: harlequin, genre: humor, length: medium, pairing: harry/severus, recs by jane

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