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Crash Love by Saral_Hylor (NC-17)

Title: Crash Love
Fandom: Marvel Ultimates
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Categories: PWP, Character Study, Angst, Getting Together
Length: Long [~ 21 000 words]
Warnings: mentions to character terminal illness/brain tumour; allusions to character alcoholism; mild internalised homophobia (including derogatory language and thoughts); explicit sexual content

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: saral_hylor
Author/Artist/Creator Website: Saral_Hylor’s AO3

Summary: It’s just sex. Just sex between two consenting adults who don’t have feelings for each other beyond the camaraderie that comes from being on the same team.
It’s just sex. Until it isn’t. It’s not love. Until it is.

Ultimates isn’t exactly your go to canon when you are looking for feel good situations. Tony Stark is suffering from canonical brain tumours and goes through chemo, people are ripped apart and eaten by Hulks and Steve is angrier and he’s a lot harsher to most of that canon than his 616 counterpart. And this is not exactly a feel good story either. The author describes the fic in an author’s note as “21 thousand words of shameless smut, that attempted to have a plot, but it really really doesn't”. I would disagree about the part that says it has no plot. It’s not an action adventure and it is lots of drawn out sex, but this is also probably one of the best character studies on Ults!Steve and his issues and it manages to give us a very interesting at Ults!Tony and the man he is or could be.

It's extremely well written, extremely emotional and very intense. It does have a sort of happy very hopeful ending that doesn’t come with the usual “feel good, 100% happiness” that happy endings usually come with, but that is exactly what I would expect from an Ultimates story, so that’s a definite recommendation.

Crash Love
Tags: fandom: marvel comics, genre: angst, genre: character study, genre: romance, genre: slash, length: long, length: medium, pairing: steve rogers/tony stark, recs by ria_reads

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