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Bread and Circuses by Ysabet (Pg13)

Title: Bread and Circuses
Fandom: Newsflesh Trilogy
Pairing: Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason
Categories: Case-fic, Pre-canon, Slice of Life
Length: Medium (13k)
Warnings: Non-explicit Adopted sibling incest

Author on LJ:
Website: umadoshi (Ysabet) AO3, umadoshi (Ysabet) Personal site

Summary: Our little gathering of local Irwins broke up just past midnight. I was heading back to the van to call George and let her know I was on my way home when I heard my name.

"Hey, Shaun!" I turned to see the guy who'd made the "twins" comment jogging after me. By the time he caught up I'd managed to remember his name. Part of his name. Dave Something.

Georgia and Shaun Mason don't have their own news site...yet. But sooner or later they're going to, and Dave Novakowski wants to be there when they do.

Set two years before Feed; no series spoilers.

Review: One part case-fic, one part slice of life story. This is a nice background piece to Feed by Mira Grant. It is not necessarily canon-compliant but isn't really an AU either. It is a rare treat to see such a long fic in the Newsflesh fandom.

And it really does a good job fleshing out the Shawn/Georgia relationship pre-series.

Bread and Circuses
Tags: fandom: small fandom, genre: case file, genre: pre-canon, length: medium, pairing: het, recs by chibifukurou

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