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Tin Soldiers by Sholio (mature)

Title: Tin Soldiers
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
Categories: AU, science fiction, robots, cyborgs, slash, romance, case fic
Length: 37,327 words, long
Warnings: android PTSD. Author warns for discussion of police violence and terrorism.

Author on Livejournal: sholio
Author Website: Sholio on AO3

Summary: Detective Daniel Sousa is used to working with lifelike, human-looking androids. But he wasn't prepared for his new android partner turning out to be not a polite, compliant robot, but an angry, sarcastic, bitter person. (Technically this is a fusion with the show Almost Human, but no knowledge of it is required; this is really more like generic near-future police-state dystopia with robots.)

Review: "So, I have a new partner," Daniel announced, sliding onto a bar stool beside Peggy at their favorite after-hours watering hole.

"And?" she asked, glancing at him sideways.

"And my new robot is an asshole."

Peggy choked on her drink, trying not to laugh. "Poor dear," she said, patting his arm.

A highly creative AU in which Daniel Sousa is a human police detective with a cybernetic limb and his new partner Jack Thompson is a robot jerk. Most fascinating for all the explorations of artificial creations who are too human and feel too much (though there's a romance in there, too). The whole issue of Jack being a robot who is a jerk is endlessly hilarious and also simultaneously sad, at its core, bringing in an interesting AU extrapolation from canon backstory and motivations. Jack's story and situation is very creative and has a very different kind of emotional resonance.

I haven't seen Almost Human (although going by the A/N the author hasn't particularly seen a lot of Almost Human), so I can't reliably judge the crossoverish connection, but the worldbuilding seemed particularly interesting here.

Tin Soldiers
Tags: fandom: agent carter, genre: au, genre: case file, genre: future, genre: romance, genre: science fiction, genre: slash, length: long, pairing: slash, recs by roseveare

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