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Common Ground by celynBrum (NC-17)

Title: Common Ground
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Karkat Vantas/Terezi Pyrope, Karkat Vantas & Kankri Vantas, Terezi Pyrope/Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas/Jade Harley
Categories: Fusion, Action/Adventure, Apocalypse, Drama, Romance, Horror
Length: Super Epic (115 815 words)
Warnings:  Alternia in general - Dystopia, Graphic Violence, Discrimination, Swearing

Author Website: Tumblr

Author’s Summary:
In Which A Young Mutant Troll Is Captured By A Mysterious Military Outpost Located On The Homeworld And Is Drafted Into Piloting A Giant Mech Called A Jaeger Along With His Genetically Identical But Immensely Frustrating Hatchclone, In Order To Combat A Threat To The Continued Existence Of All Trollkind. Contains Three Extensive Battle Scenes, Five Artificially Augmented Mental Melds Between Initially Antagonistic Parties, A Cross-Spectrum Relationship (Flush With Pitch Tones), Multiple Interspecies Relationships (Flush And Pale), And A Cull-Worthy Heresy Against The Empire.

Common Ground is a Pacific Rim-style AU of Homestuck. I feel like the meeting of these two stories of the apocalypse should really sell itself.

celynBrum writes from Karkat’s perspective, mixing vivid imagery with equally vibrant sentiment. The writing has some beautiful language choices and a lot is implied by what isn't said or how things are said.

Alternia is shown in all of it’s messed-up, violent, bio-technological, horrific, callous glory. The characters defending Alternia are a touch more personable and public-spirited than canon, yet several are only permitted to live because of how desperately they are needed. The details and world-building about how such a dystopia functions are both well-thought-out and dramatic.

There is a more optimistic vibe on a personal level, with Karkat being rescued from a horrific existence to one which is much less awful. The relationships are believably written, but the story is as much about Karkat growing up and becoming part of the pilot community.

No knowledge of Pacific Rim is required to read, as the characters and world are fairly close to Homestuck canon and divergences are explained. People unfamiliar with Homestuck should be able to follow the plot, but may be overwhelmed by the number of characters and technical terms.

Common Ground (AO3)
Tags: fandom: homestuck, fandom: pacific rim, genre: action/adventure, genre: angst, genre: apocalypse, genre: drama, genre: family, genre: fusion, genre: romance, length: epic, length: super!epic, recs by sablin

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