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Title: How Ray Got His Groove Back 
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Ray K
Categories: Smut
Length: Not quite epic, but close
Warnings: none

Bone on LJ: thisisbone
Bone's Website: http://www.mrks.org/~bone/
Aristide on LJ: cimmerians

Bone and Aristide do Due South. You know what that means -- sex! (It shouldn't take long for you to see a running theme in B&A's fics.)

In this case, Ray's having a bad night, so he goes home to watch some porn. When Fraser stops by to check on him, well, the porn party gets a little bigger. And Fraser really is only human, after all. Which leads to moderate amounts of angst (and scandelous amounts of sex) as their relationship develops.

Like all of Bone and Aristide's collaborations, HRGHGB is sweet and smutty and really, really hot. A wonderful mood lifter at the end of a bad day.

How Ray Got His Groove Back
How Ray Got His Groove Back Epilogue


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