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Epic Recs

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Multi-fandom fanfic recs with a focus on long, well written stories
Our current reccer roster: chibifukurou, sheepnamedpig, ci5rod, flyby311, gezana, piscaria and raktajinos

epic_recs specializes in reccing long, well written fics. Recs are generally posted at least once a day, seven days a week. -- In December we take a break, and reccing is optional only. Our normal reccing schedule resumes each January 1.

Mirrored at [community profile] epic_recs, [community profile] epic_recs, and tweeted @EpicRecs.

Story Warnings: As per comm policy, we consider it mandatory for all reccers to warn for: character death, dub/non-con, bdsm, mpreg, incest, and unhappy endings. If you have reason to believe the fic might contain material you might find triggering and would like more information, please contact the reccer or one of the mods.

Previous Recs can be found by checking the list of tags in our sidebar (and older recs are in our memories, and our delicious and pinboard bookmarks).

Readers' Recs (RR): Every month there'll be a post with a new topic (example: "Marriage of Convenience" or "Literary Fandoms") for readers to recommend stories in. The choice of fandom, pairing, etc is up to you (and feel free to rec your own fic or that of your friends). Be sure to include a link to the story in the rec (including links to all parts, if there is more than one). Previous RR themes can be found here.

Join us as a Reccer: Our reccers post weekly on a long term basis. When spaces become available, new reccers are usually invited based on reviews left at our Readers' Recs posts. If you've left a full RR review comment and would like to make us aware that you're interested in being considered for a weekly reccer spot when one becomes available, please contact a mod.

Page a mod: If you'd like to mention any problems, make suggestions, or report broken fic links (always appreciated), feel free to contact: ekishou or chibifukurou.

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