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Tag Team Romance by Momokai (Explicit)

Title: Tag Team Romance
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Aerith Gainsborough/Zack Fair, Aerith Gainsborough/Zack Fair/Cloud Strife
Categories: romance, pwp,
Length: Medium [9387 words]
Warnings: none

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: n/a
Author/Artist/Creator Website: Momokai

Zack pines, Aerith hatches a plan and Cloud's just along for the ride.

This is one romantic, fluffy and searing hot threesome fic. It's told from the point of view of Aerith who is in established relationship with Zack and the plot is pretty straightforwardly about the two of them inviting Cloud to be part of their little romance. Zack and Aerith are both interested in Cloud and she is the one who suggests to Zach that she would be really more than okay with Zack and Cloud hooking up - if she can watch and be part of it.

There is a hot solo shower scene for her and while I usually enjoy my porn as part of a greater plot, this was such a nice perspective and has some nice observations on top of being hot that I can heartily recommend it as a read.

Tag Team Romance

At The Wood's Boldness by Cthonical (NC-17)

Title: At The Wood's Boldness
Fandom: One-Punch Man
Pairing: Genos/Saitama
Categories/Genres: Romance, Established Relationship, Plot What Plot
Length: Short (1315 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on DW: Cthonical
Author Website: Cthonical


Genos has never regretted what he is, not once, but lately it’s been easy to let himself wonder what certain things might be like if he was still human enough to feel them, to do them, for real.


I've been absolutely dying to rec fic from One Punch Man, but with the fandom only just taking off, there's been a dearth of fanfiction to rec.

Normally I wouldn't rec straight-up smut, but clearly there's a lot of forethought on the author's part regarding what Genos can and can't feel with his human brain and mechanical body. Cthonical makes excellent use of small details to richly illustrate the scene, making it feel much larger and more intimate than its thousand-and-change words might lead one to believe.

At The Wood's Boldness

How to Train your Angel Wolf Boyfriend by Octosally (Nc17)

Title: How to Train your Angel Wolf Boyfriend
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Pairing: Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise
Categories: Domestic, Post-Canon, PWP
Length: Epic (75k)
Warnings: Sex, lots of sex

Author on LJ: username
Website: OctoSally

Summary: The fact that she was still a little annoyed with him for the “I’m closer to a dog than you” quip might have informed what she did next.

She patted the warm cement next to her, and said, in the firm tone she’d heard animal trainers use:

“Caine, sit.”

[Pretty much what it says on the tin. Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise figure each other out, post-canon. Basically my exploration of their relationship and where it might lead. EDIT: Now COMPLETE! Enjoy the sex and plot and wacky OCs!]

Review: A lot of kinky sex, with lots of interesting world building, and relationship building along the way.

Octosally has a deft hand with weaving together long, intricate sex scenes with character building experiences. Jupiter experiences the complications of universe sized business inheritance while trying discover what it means to be queen of the earth and Caine's mistress.

How to Train you Angel-Wolf-Boyfriend
b&w a

hand over by crybaby (toplinson) - NC-17

Title: hand over
Fandom: One Direction [Bandom/RPF]
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Categories: PWP, Romance
Length: Epic [60732 words]
Warnings: Daddy Kink, Object Insertion, D/S Elements & Play, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Feminization, Bareback Sex, Fisting, Impact Play, Pain Play, Sensory Deprivation, Kink Exploration, Safe Words & Trigger Discussions and Use, Figging, Bondage, Total Power Exchange, Pet Play and Collaring.

Author Website: crybaby (toplinson) (on AO3)

‘Twenty one things to try before 21,’ he reads aloud, voice lilting with amusement. [original summary]


I’m on a smut-fluffy phase, probably because it’s May - and I’m always lively around my birthday. This story kind of announced a great B-Day week! It’s a plot what plot fic, where Harry and Louis explore several kinks Harry always wanted to try before turning 21.

She is so joyful to read, full of kink exploration, but beware! Louis and Harry navigate several kinks, but they don’t discuss all of them thoroughly, while Harry gives a blanket statement and they have safe words in place, a few people might consider the story slightly unconcerned with the kink negotiation.

Highlights of the fic concern favorite kinks of mine like Exhibitionism and Sensory Deprivation, as well as a Zayn, Harry and Louis threesome and a gangband with all the boys. The fic is an AU, and a bit unrealistic in the amount of sex a couple can have, and how willing people are in joining the experimentation, but it flows easily enough not to bother you while reading - of course, you must be prepared, this is a pwp fic, the plot is completely secondary, but I feel it delivers well it’s purpose.

This fic gains bonus points for the length and how diverse the sex scenes are without making it everything boring and “this” inserts “there”, the only thing I didn’t like was a bit of the pet names, but that mainly a personal preference thing - it doesn’t effect at all the reading.

hand over
3x3 eyes yakumo

Laid Out by Frostfire (Explicit)

Title: Laid Out

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: smut, kink, het, sensation play
Length: medium, 2198 words
Warnings: none

Author on LJ: n/a?
Author Website: Frostfire on AO3

Summary: So they're drinking.

Review: ...she’s made herself...several martinis, and Nathan has had...many beers, and they’re talking about the Troubles, and he has his serious brooding face on, which doesn’t fit with how the official night off was supposed to go. She decided herself, that morning when they made plans, that tonight they would not work and they would still somehow enjoy themselves.

So she reaches out and pokes him in the side.

The noise he makes is so very, very entertaining—sort of like a cut-off hiccup—that she has to do it again. And he makes another, even more entertaining noise, so she does it again. And again.

This is written for the kink prompt "sensation play", and, well, there couldn't be a better kink match-up for this particular pairing -- with Nathan, who can't feel, except for Audrey with her immunity to the Troubles. So here is a fic about Audrey getting drunk and touching Nathan. A lot. Touching which Leads Places.

It's basically partner sex, back in season 2 when they're friends who are so very comfortable with one another, with the joking and teasing and frank discussions. It's genuinely fun and sweet rather than saccharine romance, deals with Nathan's unique situation with frankness and directness, and the end result is raw and real and really damn hot. I wish there was more Naudrey like this around on the internets, because damn.

Laid Out

but more than a feeling (Liam/Harry/Zayn/Louis/Niall - Sophia/Niall/Liam) - NC-17

Title: but more than a feeling
Fandom: One Direction [Bandom/RPF]
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson/Zayn Malik/Liam Payne/Niall Horan, Sophia Smith/Liam Payne, Liam Payne/Sophia Smith/Niall Horan
Categories: Romance, PWP.
Length: Medium [12756 words]
Warnings: OT5 Orgy, Het/Slash in equal parts - will explain the waring in the review, please check the author’s warnings for the individual kinks/sex acts.

Author Website: velvet_tuberose(on AO3) | velvetuberose (on Tumblr)

Summary: Liam doesn't mean to think about it over the next week. He doesn't purposefully think it over, but the thought pops into his head at the oddest of times: bunging a sausage roll into the cart at the shop, stopping Loki from peeing on someone’s shoe at the park, climbing off the treadmill after working out, there’s that random thought of I could sleep with all of them, maybe at the same time.


I had a hard time choosing what fic to rec this week, and when I went over my bookmarks I decided for this story. It is a short one, but is packed with feelings and smut, which I needed to get me out of the funk! So go read this lovely if you want something lighter.

This fic was written for a OT5 exchange, which means fics where the central relationship is of all the five boys in the band. It starts off with canonical Liam/Sophia and a surprising Niall/Sophia friendship that turns into a pre-orgy training with Sophia/Liam/Niall. I’ve been in love with fics that maintain the actual relationships the boys are and sidetrack it with side pairings.

The drama free element is the best part of the plot, simply because Liam and Sophia discuss things as a healthy couple and Liam gets consent from her to pursue this fantasy of his. The undercurrent of Sophia/Niall just makes the fic very complex and delightful, and gives a little wish of something more.

Basically, Niall and Sophia convince Liam that he could have sex with all the boys, because they all love him enough to give what he wants and Liam fumbles around until he figures he really wants that, because he doesn’t feel jealous when he sees the interaction with Niall and Sophia.

I warned for both Slash and Het, because while the fic summary suggest the central idea of the orgy between the five boys, there is sex between Sophia, Liam and Niall and just Sophia and Liam. Since I know there are people that don’t read het in this fandom or that simply don’t read Liam/Sophia or more urgently don’t read fics with sexual acts with any of the girlfriends/other real people, and are uncomfortable with the sexualization of people that don’t chose to be the in the spotlight I thought it was best to warn.

We also get a tiny bit of Harry/Louis and Zayn/Liam, which tie up a lot of feelings and discuss Liam relationship with the other boys and in between them. This is a great read if you want to have all the feelings between all boys and Liam being adorable without wanting to put anyone out for wanting to have an orgy.

but more than a feeling

Grab and Hold by TheDamselfly (NC-17)

Title: Grab and Hold
Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Merlin/Roxy Morton, background Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin
Categories/Genres: Post-Canon, Plot What Plot
Length: Medium (5559 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: TheDamselfly


There is a gun strapped to her leg under her dress, a grenade in her coat pocket, and even unarmed she is more dangerous than most thugs on the street. There's something that's missing, but she's certain that she's got it all figured out now.

"Kingsman doesn't expect me to stay celibate forever, yeah?" she asks, like she's just curious. Merlin stares at her like he's not quite sure what's happening to him right now.


Ask me what I think about Kingsman: The Secret Service. Then watch as I sprint to the nearest rooftop and start screaming all the things I loved about it. Because I do love the hell out of the movie. But make no mistake, while I'm up there, I'll also make a point to scream about how there wasn't nearly enough Roxy being awesome. Fortunately, I have fanfiction to remedy that shortage.

TheDamselfly's Roxy is the embodiment of confidence. She's confident in her appearance, abilities, and unabashedly possessed of her own sexuality in a way that female characters are not typically allowed to be. She knows what she wants, knows how to get it, and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes. And once she's got Merlin right where she wants him, she's utterly honest in her pleasure.

And it really is about her pleasure. TheDamselfly frames Merlin's pleasure as tangential to Roxy's, more of a means by which Roxy can scratch an itch than an end in an of itself. It's a direct subversion of common portrayals of sex in the media, where men's pleasure is paramount, while women's pleasure is very narrowly defined, if even explored at all.

Grab and Hold

"bring you to my hell" by dustofwarfare (NC-17)

Title: bring you to my hell
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Categories: Supernatural/horror/creature fic, established relationship, PWP, dark
Length: medium (4,725 words)
Warnings: Underage (13-year-old boy/ancient demon), danger kink, master/servant dynamics

Author on LJ:  dustofwarfare
Author Website:  dustofwarfare

Summary: Other devils might enjoy offering fruit to tempt the innocent into damnation, but Sebastian -- he much prefers sharing it with one already damned.

Review: As Ciel eats his orange after the Book of Circus arc, Sebastian reflects on his own hunger, on temptation, damnation, and forbidden fruit. But as the summary implies, Sebastian's role is not to tempt in this story. Ciel is already damned, and once again, he has an order that surprises Sebastian.

This is a hard story to rec without spoiling its central premise, which is one of the main reasons I've hesitated to post about it here. But dustofwarfare is one of my favorite Kuroshitsuji writers, and this is a great read to start off 2015's year of recs. Her Sebastian is always a delight to read, and always a refreshing change from the many mundane AUs floating around. As in furnace room lullaby, which I previously recced here, Sebastian is more demon than butler in this fic, and Ciel wouldn't have it any other way. As the warnings imply, this story is not for everyone. This is a Sebastian who, as in canon, literally hungers for his master, and a Ciel who gets off on testing the limits on that hunger and of his demon's patience. Ciel is canon-aged in this story, so there is shota/underage. However, it does not particularly focus on his youth as a kink. Instead, dustofwarfare highlights the qualities that make Ciel so formidable in canon. He may be damned, but he knows it, and he's quite prepared to step into that good night with Sebastian when the time comes. In the meantime, Ciel, as always, knows exactly what he wants -- and he expects Sebastian to deliver it.

bring you to my hell

"Terms and Conditions" by sonderling (NC-17)

Title: Terms and Conditions
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Categories: PWP, negotiation, first time, virginity
Length: medium (7,281 words)
Warnings: underage/shota (thirteen-year-old boy/ancient demon), dubcon, negotiation

Author on AO3:  sonderling

Summary: "Since that day, I have always been young master’s faithful servant. I shall do whatever young master wishes… in exchange for the sacrifice… and the pleasure that has been offered."

Sebastian thought they'd negotiated the terms of the contract quite clearly, but Ciel's got a few, well, conditions.

Review: In "Terms and Conditions," their contract entitle Sebastian not only to Ciel's soul upon his death but also to "small samplings" of it during his lifetime. (I'll give you one guess what sampling entails!) For the past three years, Sebastian has been waiting patiently for Ciel's soul to ripen with adolescence. Now, that long-awaited day is finally here -- but before Sebastian can get a taste, Ciel has a few conditions of his own.

Take a good look at the warnings because what you see is what you'll get in this PWP. Consent issues, age issues, and uneven power dynamics are pretty much a given with this scenario. But if you're onboard with the idea of Sebastian and Ciel negotiating for Ciel's virginity, you have come to the right place! "Terms and Conditions" promises porn and it delivers. However, it is well-written, in-character porn, and if you've poked your head into the Kuroshitsuji tags on AO3, you know what a rare find that is! Sebastian's aesthetics (and his own self-serving nature) make him want to convince Ciel to be just as enthusiastic about this new turn in their relationship as he is. And while Ciel is nervous and inexperienced, he still shows the forceful personality and strength of character that make him so intriguing in canon. Strong characterization, lovely prose, and smoking hot sex make this one of my favorite Kuroshitsuji stories. I'm just crossing my fingers that sonderling keeps writing in Kuroshitsuji because the fandom could use more stories like this!

Terms and Conditions