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By These Broken Wings, Shall We Be Carried by Jadzibelle

Title: By These Broken Wings, Shall We Be Carried
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Categories: adventure, AU - canon divergence, fix-it, romance
Length: long, 21,741 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: n/a
Author Website: Jadzibelle on AO3

Summary: Vince never becomes the controller of the barn. Instead, Nathan is the one to speak with Agent Howard and becomes the controller when he realizes that it will link him to Audrey forever. Instead of killing Duke, Nathan and Audrey realize that the 500 years worth of aether inside of him is more than enough to power the barn and the three of them build a new barn as they have done everything else, together.

Review: “Yeah?” Duke asked, fixing Audrey with a smile that Nathan knew entirely too well- stubborn and bitter and sure of himself. “How exactly do you see this working when Nate starts to go all bad strobe effect if we aren’t holding on to him?”
“...The crystal,” Nathan said, making them both look back at him. “Parker, you first touched it, there was- a reaction. I could feel... something. Might be enough, one of you is touching that. Hell of a lot easier than keeping a hand on
me the whole time, if it is.”
“...A reaction,” Duke said, the words carefully flat, and Nathan scowled at him.
“Yes, a reaction,” he said, trying to convey with look alone that
now was not the time for innuendo.

There's not really a way to spoiler this one, after that summary -- which is the prompt it was written from, this being my second rec from the collection of the After Forever (aka. post-finale therapy) fic exchange. But that's really the point. The function of this tale is to wrap up the elements which were present in the final episodes of Haven with an OT3 ending in the manner canon chose not to. It's a fix-all, a dose of much-needed happiness. But it comes with a great sci-fi wrapping exploring in more detail a few of the ideas canon barely touched on, in 20k+ of romance and adventure.

It always made far more sense to me that Nathan should be the one to choose to become the controller of the new Barn and take Howard's place, guaranteeing that if Audrey had to leave again he would at least be with her for the rest of their long lives, and much of the story focuses on the mechanisms of that. The frustration of Haven was that it never fully played out and explored so many of its sci-fi concepts, and it's fascinating to see that given more attention here as Nathan tries to learn to be the mind of a dimension travelling building.

I have some minor gripes with the ending, that it wouldn't be that easy to go back after the changes that take place here, that it isn't what I'd pick for the future of these particular characters with a wider universe at their fingertips, but it seems that I'm in the minority there, with my love of Bittersweet! with an extra dash of Bitter! and aversion to clear-cut happy-ever-afters, so ah, well...

By These Broken Wings, Shall We Be Carried
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Don't You Know (We're Stronger Now)? by Kaels_Miscellany (Mature)

Title: Don't You Know (We're Stronger Now)?
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: action/adventure, drama, threesome, slash, supernatural
Length: medium, 14,245 words
Warnings: none.

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: Kaels_Miscellany on AO3

Summary: Nathan’s hand laces in her own and squeezes, incentive enough to tear herself away. “We’ll stop you,” she declares, the assertion filling her up with certainty. “We’ll find a way.” Audrey swears, swears, an invisible hand laces with her free one, a hand lacking in details, yet utterly right.

Review: So just before Christmas Haven broadcast its final episode to various receptions. After Forever is a fic exchange based around post-finale possibilities, which produced an archive of basically Haven finale therapy in fanfic form, including this particular story.

Here the trio are set down post-finale in the alien world that Mara and William hailed from, with the consequences there of the initial experiments using aether. It's fascinating to see some of the more sci-fi possibilities of Haven that the series was never able to venture into finally explored.

There's the odd typo early on, but I love this story most for the place where it leaves the main cast, which feels to me like the perfect ending for them that canon never managed to strike.

Don't You Know (We're Stronger Now)?
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Go Home, Tell of My Arrival by Black-Eyed Girl (Mature)

Title: Go Home, Tell of My Arrival
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: action/adventure, drama, threesome, slash, supernatural
Length: long, 21,984 words
Warnings: none.

Author on Livejournal: black_eyedgirl
Author Website: BlackEyedGirl on AO3

Summary: "Six months ago, Audrey went away. Nathan sent Duke away. And the Troubles went away.
Except for Nathan’s."

Review: Duke comes stumbling up the stairs onto the deck and for a long moment all Nathan feels is the bitter taste of adrenaline going to waste. Duke is in pants but no shirt, an expanse of skin that didn’t lose his tan in all the months away. There are little bruises on his chest that Nathan didn’t notice on any report. He steps forward to look at them. Duke holds him off with one hand. “Personal space, Nathan.”

“What are these?”

“Bruises, I guess. Maybe I fell when I turned up on the beach, I don’t remember.”

There are ten bruises, eight roughly circular and two ovals where his ribs meet. “It looks like handprints.”

This is one of those canon divergent AUs written in happier times, off the back of the season 2/season 3 endings, of the "Audrey disappears and comes back different" variety, that being something which in those innocent days was not quite so ironic~. BlackEyedGirl has written a handful of excellent fics in this fandom, but this one is definitely the most epic, and its scope and focus makes it a fic that might help to fill the hole for those of us still looking for alternate scenarios and endings to those offered by canon. Although it has my name snuck into the author note as a beta reader, all I can remember doing is moving some punctuation around, so I think it's a fair call to select this one to rec on those bases.

This is set after the big ending to season 3 where everything went to Hell. Written prior to season 4, it's a scenario where Nathan gets to keep his job. Duke gets spat out by the magical Barn first and a good deal of the fic covers a developing Duke/Nathan relationship before Audrey, too, lands among them again with a new persona.

Generally, well-written, shippy and much more feel-good than the places canon ultimately went.

Go Home, Tell of My Arrival
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Capsize: to turn upside down by Lise (thissugarcane) (Teen)

Title: Capsize: to turn upside down
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Categories: casefic, angst, character study (Duke)
Length: medium, 12,427 words
Warnings: There's something of a urge-to-self-destruction/suicide aspect to the Trouble portrayed in this.

Author on Livejournal: thissugarcane
Author Website: Lise (thissugarcane) on AO3

Summary: The snow is thick, but the blowing wind will scour the shore soon enough, Duke knows. This cold snap will break too, though this afternoon his boat is going to be freezing, freezing and damp with all the snow drifts. Maybe he should have covered the boat more carefully.
The disappearing-pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow Trouble.

Review: Despite everything, all the shit that Duke was thinking and all the reasons he was drinking-- okay, not quite before noon, but close -- being presented with Audrey in the flesh, huddled cold on his boat just to talk to him, thaws him out some. He abandons the idea of tea, sits across from her, plunks a bottle of scotch down with a tumbler. Offers the bottle to her, but at the shake of her head, Duke shrugs. "It's the only warmth here right now," he explains, and pours himself a decent drink. "Unless you want to cuddle."

A beat, and Audrey replies, dry, "it's not so bad anymore. I think you got the heat going."

Agent Parker wouldn't be a cuddler, this he knows.

Have no doubt that I would be reccing this whether it happened to be written for me for the particular exchange that generated it or not. This one is subtle and finely drawn in the details of the background of Duke's life and emotional landscape, with a Trouble that taunts the victim with their unattainable desires unto death, as Duke is emotionally worn-down after the season 1 aging-to-death Trouble and refuses to help Audrey and Nathan, and then ends up pulled in anyway and heading straight into danger.

The atmosphere is gorgeous and chilling, between the ambiguity of the central concept, Duke's relationship with his boat and the sea, and the backdrop of the cold snap of Haven's weather and the aftermath of Duke's near-death and Audrey's non-show for their date. Particularly in light of what we learn in later seasons about Duke, Audrey's abandonment there has more resonance now, the way other things from later seasons also have resonance here. The details of Duke's life and attention to the actual practicalities of running the boat make this feel very real, and it's interesting to see the work-focused Audrey Parker -- an entity that tends to be rarer in the fanfiction of the show -- disorganised and hopeless about anything that is not work. The distanced, brusque and plain-spoken portrayal of Nathan is also a joy.

Capsize: to turn upside down
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seams by wishtheworst (unrated)

Title: seams
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: post-canon, sad stories, polyamory, canon divergence, choices, angst
Length: Medium, 4723 words
Warnings: series finale spoilers, mention of canon character death.

Author on Livejournal: wishtheworst
Author Website: wishtheworst on AO3

Summary: Nathan, Audrey and Duke make a new life after Croatoan, but Nathan can't quite come to terms with the fate he's chosen.

The first time it came back he was in the shower. The word Croatoan spiked through his brain, meaningless for a second then crushing him under its weight. Suddenly he was freezing under the spray of hot water, hands scrabbling over the slick tiles for some kind of anchor. Minutes later he wiped the fog from the mirror and stood staring at himself for some sign that would give away what he’d done.

My favourite of the post-finale fics so far, though it's not exactly a happy one... 'Unsettling' may be a better word. Nathan has never been ambiguous about his unwillingness to accept anything less than the real thing... but what if Croatoan had put an extra incentive on the table, for that final deal?

Considering the status of the three leads upon leaving the finale, the central concept stands as chilling and all-too-plausible divergence, through the filter of OT3 'ship glasses or even otherwise, and while definitely not fluffy or happy, perhaps a satisfyingly bittersweet fandom rejoinder to what canon left us.

And in the end, I love the bleak in-character determination with which Nathan approaches his new quest, post-choice, in his life as the hero fallen to temptation.

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Confusion and Consequences by Guiltyreasons (Explicit)

Title: Confusion and Consequences
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: casefile, threesome, genderswap (sort of), polyamory, established relationship (het), first time (threesome)
Length: Long, 20,765 words
Warnings: I'm... not sure how to warn. Duke and Nathan end up with some girl parts, but not completely genderswapped, and the fic revolves around the issues of masculinity and sexuality that come out of that. If that's likely to be a problem or potentially triggery in some way, don't go there? There's also a warning for mild mind control, but it doesn't go too far with anything happening consent issues-wise in terms of the main trio. There are maybe a few potentially triggery things happening in the background with the other people affected by the gendermixing Trouble.

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: guiltyreasons on AO3

Summary: Nathan thought he had seen everything until a half naked woman walks up to him claiming to be Duke Crocker....

Review: “It’s Haven. Trans hate is the least of our worries...”

Oh, I enjoyed the hell out of this one. Last week I was emailing the link to friends after I read it, so it's still pretty hot off the presses. Yes, there is the odd typo and grammar hiccup, but really, with all the other goodies on offer here, I find myself disinclined to care about those.

I love the stuff that really digs into the questions of sexuality and masculinity and sexual dysfunction and this goes there and then some, as this particular Trouble turns Haven upside-down and Duke and Nathan end up kind of not their usual manly selves. The fic is told from Nathan's point of view, and I love the POV -- getting to watch him angst in his low-key way about all these things, weird sexual situations and hangups and shame, is entirely wonderful. I also love how his senses are used in interesting ways in the smut. :)

The fic is established Audrey/Nathan leading into an Audrey/Duke/Nathan threesome, and while usually I'm more partial to the latter and the Duke/Nathan dynamic, I've seldom loved Audrey and Nathan's relationship more than the way it's presented here. They are so understanding of each other, and such good friends as well as lovers, who talk about all the knotty things and work through the changes that have happened to Nathan's body and how those effect their sexual relationship. And how they make the decision together when it comes to taking Duke on... they are so sweet and down to earth in this.

Anyway, this is just so hot and odd and interesting, with such a good POV, and the issues of gender and questioning sexuality I felt were nicely dealt with.

Confusion and Consequences
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points on a map by templemarker (explicit)

Title: points on a map

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: threesome, domestic, post-canon, non-specific future fic
Length: medium, 4,388 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: templemarker
Author Website: templemarker on AO3

Summary: The one thing they realized early on, about this relationship they figured out between all three of them, is that there was no way they could live together.

Review: This is just a lovely look at the Audrey/Duke/Nathan relationship examined through the lens of their living spaces, and the living practicalities of a three way relationship outside of the sex. I love that it's dealing with them as three different relationships between two people as well a relationship between three people. The acceptance in general here that people need space, even people who love each other, and particularly accepting Nathan still needing his own space and not having his quieter and less-social tendencies magically 'fixed' by being in a relationship with two more outgoing partners. How the character of the spaces they choose for their own illuminates the characters, and how the ways they collectively choose to spend their time in each defines the relationship(s).

Also, this fic may manage to lay out my ideal Haven future and conclusion to the series. No perfect endings and answers, but a continuation of their adventures while moving and changing at the same time.

points on a map
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Farther Along [FANVID] by Ant3ka (unrated)

Title: Farther Along

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Categories: OT3, friendship, romance, angst
Length: media: vid, 2mins 49
Warnings: none standard; covers seasons 1-3 only, religious imagery in lyrics.

Author on LJ: ant3ka
Author Website: Ant3ka on YouTube

Summary: Farther along // we'll know all about it // farther along // we'll understand why. Nathan, Duke and Audrey realize that they're stronger together.

Review: A while back I did propose to occasionally rec media, and since I posted earlier than usual, I figured I'd post a media rec, too.

We’re all cast-aways in need of ropes
Hangin’ on by the last threads of our hope
In a house of mirrors full of smoke
Confusing illusions I have seen...

Vidded to a beautiful song by Josh Garrels, this vid begins slowly showing Audrey alone with her personal mysteries, but soon opens out into exploring her relationships with Duke and Nathan, separately and together, their own t(T)roubles and mysteries, and the connection between the three of them... And how very important they are to each other, together through thick and thin, arrayed against the backdrop of the Troubles and the other less supernatural tensions of the town of Haven.

It's a couple of years old now so it doesn't cover the recent seasons 4 and 5(a). In fact, I think it makes quite the taster for the show, skirting the mysteries without too many concrete spoilers (just confusing/unreliable ones), and yes, these people are beautiful together and, yes, this show has one of the most convincing potential OT3s on television. Definitely a favourite.

Farther Along
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Five Times People Were Utterly Oblivious to Their Relationship... by lovesrogue36 & Rabbitt (NC-17)

Title: Five Times People Were Utterly Oblivious to Their Relationship and One Time It Was Too Obvious to Ignore

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: humor, romance, threesome
Length: medium, 14,835 words
Warnings: Authors warn for homophobia and biphobia.

Author on LJ: Rabbitt on Dreamwidth
Author Website: Lovesrogue36 on AO3, Rabbitt on AO3


“And I just thought you should hear it from a trusted source first, before it gets all over town.”
Nathan pauses with his cup halfway to his mouth. “What do you mean you saw Duke and Audrey… together?"
“Together.” As if that clarifies everything. He must still look mystified because she lowers her voice and elaborates: “Kissing.”
He chokes on the cookie, coughing and grinning as she slaps him on the back.


This one was hot off the presses last weekend and I wanted to rec it before I'd even finished it. And for this reason I am reccing Haven again this week instead of introducing more variety.

Explaining to a town full of busybodies that you're in a polyamorous relationship? Not easy. Explaining it to a woman who's been like a grandmother to you most of your life? Nathan finds that's next to impossible.

This is a wonderfully lively five-things format story, which humorously covers the misadventures of sustaining an unconventional relationship in Haven under the misunderstanding eyes of the well-meaning, helpful, nosy, or occasionally just plain offensive residents of the rest of the town. The stories are all quite different, exploring the relationships between the central trio in a variety of combinations and situations as all and sundry completely and utterly fail to grasp the right end of the stick as to the nature of the Audrey/Duke/Nathan relationship. There's a bit of danger and a bit of smut thrown in at points along the way. Duke gets kidnapped by thugs in one story. Epic car sex occurs in another. And Nathan Wuornos faced with trying to explain his threesome relationship to nosy old ladies will never not be hilarious.

There is a slightly darker side to this one, where the part that's often glossed over in Haven OT3 fic, that not everyone is going to take this style of relationship well, is portrayed here, and the trio don't exist in a world where their lifestyle is comfortable and acceptable to everyone else and the issues are addressed head-on.

NC-17 for the last part(ficlet) only. Set in a vague future where the current season's issues are resolved.

Five Times People Were Utterly Oblivious to Their Relationship and One Time It Was Too Obvious to Ignore
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Moira(i) by Franzeska (NC-17)

Title: Moira(i)

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Categories: angst, action/adventure, case file
Length: medium: 14,944 words (so only just medium)
Warnings: violence, 'temporary' character death

Author on LJ: franzeska
Author Website: Franzeska on A03

Summary: No one cheats fate in Haven.

My summary: Nathan and Duke kill each other.

That's not as much a spoiler as you might think. There are 'temporary character death' sorts of notes in the tags, and the presence of sisters Moira (played on the show by Claudia Black, incidentally) and Noelle, also noted in the tags, is a big giveaway to anyone who remembers the season 3 two parter 'Magic Hour' that the rules on consequences might be... slightly different in the course of this fic. And Nathan's death is predicted in chapter 1. 'Moirai' is another name for the fates, and the other key Trouble featured in this fic is a future-prediction one. It's how events play out between these two rule-breakers and the twisting decisions and motivations and reactions of the characters that makes this fic.

This is a complex high-stakes adventure with Troubled people going missing and a return of the old anti-Troubled factions from season 2, and so tightly written it feels longer than it is. It's also a resolution to the end of season 3 cliffhanger (so canon divergent now), and an OT3 fic with romantic angst and some smut sprinkled on top at the end. There's a ton of goodness absolutely packed in here. Go read.